Photo of the Week : Week 39

Photo of the week

Week 39

So, here's the deal. This was a holiday week here in the US, and I spent time with family, and I also made some changes to my future travel plans. That last part was stressful. So I took the week off a bit. That doesn't mean I don't have a rare "throwback" photo for this week.

This is a peak into the beautiful and masterfully build cathedral in Prague. 

I chose this photo because I was supposed to fly to Prague in January. I had booked the flight in March with the assumption that things would be "normal" by now. Unfortunately, I have been advised to wait till the spring to allow for fewer issues/restrictions/shutdowns in the travel I have planned. I have booked a new flight and with fingers crossed I am hoping to have more photos of this beautiful city when we get through the winter season. 

Wish me luck! I wish it to all of you!

Be well, be safe, and happy (and responsible) travel!