Photo of the Week : Week 32

Photo of the week

Week 32

It's the beginning of spooky season and I was soooo happy to photograph this amazing web!!

I am not a fan of spiders... I know we need them, they are weirdly amazing and they are good to have around. They make me nervous though! My family would gladly tell you about the time I screamed and nearly jumped on top of a car when a mouse sized one ran over the toe of my shoe. 

This web though, was an absolute work of art!  We had a very foggy morning and every inch of the web was covered in tiny tiny beads of dew. When it moved with the breeze, it looked like small, delicate necklaces moving together. 

The spider wasn't home whenI photographed, but I imagine it is probably beautiful in its way as well! Thank you, spider artist, for making this wonderful moment for me! 

I also have to add this story. Years ago, when I was learning to drive, my dad was in the passenger seat and it was one of my first times on the freeway at night. There was a tickle on my wrist so I kept my eyes on the road but reached with my other hand to scratch my arm. Whatever it was on my wrist was fuzzy and grabbed my finger. I screamed. SCREAMED! My dad laughed at me almost hysterically, but I'm pretty sure he was about to grab the wheel. He didn't, and he told me to pull off at the next exit. I made it and immediately jumped out of the car, the fuzzy stow away was gone, but I was running around the car and my dad was still hysterical. Anyway, I got back in the car and kept going and that is the story of how a spider almost made me crash a Tahoe.

As always, thank you for your support and happy travels!