Photo of the Week : Week 31

Photo of the week

Week 31

It felt a bit like spring in this little photo shoot with these tiny critters. Thank you to nature for this week's mini series. 

The night before I made this photo, I watched Gladiator which I hadn't seen in years. So this one is a "Busy Little Bee". Do you remember that monologue where Joaquin Phoenix's Emperor talks about the "busy little bees" and ends by yelling "Am I not merciful!?" (No... No sir, you are not, but thanks for playing). Anyhoo, that's where this photo got its name. 

The lower photo is of a lovely little guy that was accompanied by a lot of little friends. This one I loved though, because of the little curl in its tongue. It's the little things.

As always, thank you for joining me on my mini adventures! More to come!

Be safe, Be well, and Happy Travels!