Photo of the Week : Week 26

Photo of the week

Week 26

Sorry I'm late this week! I was without strong internet for a few days and uploading was an absolute mess, so here we are! I have been looking to the stars for inspiration and these are some of my favorites. 

This photo is a 15 minute exposure meaning that my camera was recording light for 15 minutes. This is a peek at the path that stars make as the Earth rotates. I am still working on these photos and I have some fun ones in the works. 

I have been teaching my photography students about magic hour and the good and bad of it. The good is the light. It is beautiful, great for photographing people and generally  wonderful. The bad though, it is fleeting! It vanishes as quickly as we see it. In this case, I saw the beautiful colors, ran to grab my camera, made this photo and 30 seconds later it was over. I love/hate magic hour.

As always, thank you for your support!

Happy travels, be well, be safe!