Photo of the Week : Week 24

Photo of the Week

Week 24

First of all, I have a new camera in my kit and I love it! I have finally made the move to mirrorless and I added the absolute beast, The Nikon Z7 ii. I think my first words after making about 5 photos were "I'm going to cry! I love this camera!" I will not be using it for every shoot, it'll be saved for the shoots that it can handle better, in a few specific ways, than my DSLR cameras. However! That does not mean that it won't make an appearance here and there.   

This camera makes multiple exposures so much more intentional and planned. I still love the accidental nature of multiple exposures, so I'll have fun with all of my cameras with this process. These photos were made in the midst of a bad mood and they seem to fit. the flower on the left is full of imperfections, but still standing tall and dancing in the wind. The double exposure of flowers, is a mish-mash of dreams and confusion. I love these two and I hope you do too!

Oh! Side note, I have named my new camera Madeline. I don't know why. 

As always, thank you for joining me on my mini adventures.

Be safe, Be well, and Happy Travels.