Photo of the Week : Week 20

Photo of the week

Week 20

Hello and Welcome to week 20! I wanted to try something new this week, so these are the first of an ongoing project I have started for myself. As many of you know, I have been working on macro photography as a way to keep creative in a less than travel heavy time. (That will change, but not right now). This week, I decided to try out some double exposures. 

There are ways to do this in photoshop, but I wanted to complete the process in camera. Don't get me wrong, editing is a wonderful tool, but if I can do something in camera rather than in editing, that's better for me. I got some funny looks from people while I was contorting myself to get the right perspective on these flowers, but I'd say it was worth it! These were minimally edited and I'm proud of the first outcomes of the experiment. 

Like with any new project or new kind of photography I will hope to progress past my first shot at it. (New to me. This technique is as old as photography and any one, including myself, who worked in film has done this as a mistake. I just haven't done it with my digital cameras). So we'll see where this goes! What do you think?

As always, thank you for joining me on my adventure. This was a fun one!

Be well, Be safe, and Happy Travels!