Do I have NFT's? Yes! Yes, I do!

NFT photos

Wait... What?

So 2020 / 2021 introduced us to a lot of weirdness, but also to people talking about NFT art. Please believe me when I say I am still learning about this space and I am not an expert. So if you have questions, I am glad to help, but I would also point you to someone a bit more versed in crypto currencies and crypto art. If you are familiar with NFT (non-fungible tokens) then here we are! I am currently offering my collection (small as it is right now) at 

A couple of questions for me to answer; What are NFT's? They are digital pieces of art sold for people's digital collections, using crypto currencies (like bitcoin, or in this case ETH). Their ownership history is shared on what is called a blockchain or a record of everything sold in this way.  There is a lot more that goes into the process, but this is a very short and pared down answer. 

Will this impact my prints and the sales of my prints? NO! No, my prints are not impacted negatively by any sale of these NFT's. If anything I will be adding new print edits of some of my photos. This photo is a new edit (and this week's photo of the week... Preview here!) and it is not only for sale on as an NFT, but it is also available for your physical walls here

Can anyone buy NFT's? Yes, anyone with a crypto wallet and ETH can buy a NFT. Sale of the NFT does not grant copyright or anything like that, but it does give you a one of a kind digital piece of art. As far as setting up a wallet, please refer to more experienced people than I for what wallet etc. is best for you. 

This collage is a mash up of my music photography featuring Dave Grohl and other wonderful musicians. 

If you've gotten to this point and still don't know what I'm talking about... that's fine! I get it! I spent phone calls, zoom calls, and sad amounts of time on twitter to figure this stuff out and I am still learning. If you this far, know exactly what's going on and are thinking "she's a noob!" Yes... yes, I am. That's fine. I'll own it. Either way, I hope you all enjoy my new and fun way to share my photography. Wish me luck! And know that my prints are here to stay and this is a fun addition. 

As always, be safe, be healthy, and travel safe (someday soon I hope)