2020 Projects

2020 brings a lot of CHALLENGES...And now I'm teaching photography!

Join me!

I've been very very lucky in work and home during this time of shut down. That said, if you're here, you know, I'm a music and travel photographer, so my specialties are a bit ... entirely... shut down. To keep creative, I've jumped into macro photography (jump here to see that series. I'm very proud of the work I've made in this new adventure.) 

I am adding another project I'm pretty excited about!

The Classes

I am currently offering 3 classes with more in the works.

Kind Critique

In this one day class, we will practice looking at our own photography with an analytical eye.

Film Photography

Let's explore the beginnings of photography, cameras, and techniques for film!

Nature Photography

In this 4 part class we will go from learning about nature photography to editing and sharing our photos with the class!

I'm now teaching photography and art at outschool.com. 

Outschool is a teaching platform for kids from 3-18 (I'm hoping that they expand to adults because there are classes I would take and classes I would offer for adults!) 

More classes will be added as I get a bit used to the platform. Check out my classes below and feel free to use my code: to get $20 off your class enrollments! 

If you are interested in becoming a teacher here as well, hit this link and explore options!

See you (and your little ones!) in class! 

Be safe out there!